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Hire an All-Around Virtual Assistant – 5 Benefits to Your Business

An all-around Virtual Assistant (VA) can be the next best thing to having a staff of personnel at your beck and call. First there’s the problem of hiring the right persons with the right skills, ensuring that they can work well without constant supervision. Of course, they should also be motivated to see your business succeed.

If your business isn’t even that big to afford you a staff of more than one person, having a VA may be the solution to your administrative needs.

An all-around VA is a highly-skilled professional who can take on administrative tasks from the professional and personal level. They are experts in providing administrative, technical and/or creative solutions to your professional needs. But that is not all that they can assist you in. The need for a VA to do personal administrative tasks should also be discussed here albeit very briefly.

Let it be noted that if a businessman’s personal life is running smoothly, thanks to the help of his VA, then chances are, he has more time and energy to focus on running his own business. For example, an entrepreneur who’s too busy mounting a campaign for his product may not have time to go around and canvass for an anniversary gift for his wife. His wife is important to him; his business is, too. Yet we all know that in reality, many end up sacrificing their loved ones in order to establish a successful business forgetting that their reason for why they put up their business in the first place is so that they can provide for and enjoy the rewards with their loved ones. A successful person shouldn’t be successful only in the professional level but also in the personal level.

Now that that has been said, we now focus on the more direct benefits to one’s business when one hires an all-around VA.

These 5 benefits are:

1.     Wider accessibility to highly-skilled professionals. Not all businesses can afford to hire the services of highly-skilled professionals on a long-term basis especially if the need for their service is not a regular one. A VA would be in a better capacity to help out. Virtual Assistance came into being in order to serve the small businesses but nowadays, even larger firms are utilizing this industry. As a client, you are not limited to hiring the services of only those who have passed their resumes to you and who can report to your office. A VA may live anywhere and if that doesn’t bother you and both of you can arrive at an arrangement, then everything’s a go.

2.     You gain a partner in your business. An all-around VA is well-versed in collaboration and can even manage an online team for you. VAs have good communication skills that allow them to translate your needs to others so that they can work together to address your need. If your VA has been with you quite some time, his knowledge and continued exposure to the intricacies of your business will aid him in being of better service to you. He can begin to anticipate your needs and be intuitive in proposing solutions to your needs. He is interested in your success because it translates to a continued partnership.

3.     No employee overhead. – Because a VA is a business partner and not an employee, you need not worry about workspace, office rentals, equipment, regular salary, taxes, insurance, etc. You are freed from dealing with employee issues and counselling, sick / emergency leaves, career-pathing etc. Your VA is a self-driven, highly motivated and focused partner who enjoys what he’s doing and specifically chose this career because he loves the benefits which may not necessarily be dependent on you. They are confident persons who are in control of their lives. A happy worker is a productive worker.

4.     You can focus on the more important task of expanding the business and leave the smaller administrative tasks essential to running a smooth business with the VAs. Sometimes the smaller tasks are more numerous and time-consuming and can tend to distract you from what is really more important. Micro-managing everything can be stressful and may lead to sour relationships, dissatisfied costumers and even health problems. You can’t do it all so get an assistant.

5.     VAs are more on-task. They work thoroughly and quickly so that they can get paid and move on to the next task. If they work in a different time zone, your work is getting done though your VA even when you are sleeping. And ‘though they may be task-oriented, they too, are really your work partners who are interested in finding solutions to challenges and better ways to open up opportunities.

In essence, all-around VAs are professionals who got out of the office lifestyle because they know the importance of living a balanced and flexible life. They are the best persons to help you run your business and at the same time allow you to have a balanced life so that you can enjoy the rewards of what you have been working hard for.

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